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Without an automobile title, you can’t offer your car, utilize it as a trade-in, or even register it in an additional state. Undoubtedly, you must shield this record, but that’s more difficult than you might think. Too many individuals place it somewhere out of the way to leave it behind when they relocate or find that it’s been harmed in a home fire. It may also be swiped in some instances. When this takes place, a replicate auto title from Illinois will undoubtedly assist.

There are two manner ins which you can look for a replicate vehicle title in Illinois. You can apply by mail or visit your regional SOS workplace (Secretary of State). No matter which technique you pick, you’ll need to adhere to the same initial actions:

Full-Form VSD 190 (Application for Vehicle Transactions). This type can be downloaded and install from CyberDrive (the Illinois SOS website), or you can get a duplicate from an SOS workplace. You can likewise order one by phone if you call 800-252-8980.

Include the repayment of $95 for the duplicate title.

Mail your finished kind and payment to the complying with address:

  • Secretary of State
  • Car Services Department
  • 501 S. 2nd Street, RM 014
  • Springfield, IL 62756

If you are using it personally, take your finished form and repayment to your local SOS office. You will undoubtedly require your auto’s registration, as well as a valid ID.

Note that if you require a title extremely swiftly, you can request a sped-up duplicate title. This will undoubtedly require a fee of $125 (an extra $30 cost plus the basic $95 replicate title fee).

Other rules that have to be followed consist of:

Your documentation can be gotten no later than noontime the day of your application.

You must either accept UPS delivery of your replicate title or be offered to choose it up personally at the SOS office in Springfield.

If you use my phone, you must use a credit card to pay for a sped-up duplicate title.


If you’ve bought an automobile from an exclusive vendor and the title was lost before you moved it to your name, it might still be feasible to get a replacement. According to Road and Track Magazine, one service asks the previous owner to submit the replacement request (remember that they’d likely need to pay a replacement title charge). Then, they can authorize the replicate title over to you when it gets here.

If that’s not possible, some states may allow you to get a title with a court order. To acquire a title this way, you would certainly need to appear in court and have a judge honor your ownership, states Road and Track Magazine. Making an application for a title with a court order is typically effective, as long as the order includes some details car info (such as the vehicle’s VIN and producer), adds Road and Track Magazine. The publication likewise states that you might require to obtain a title via this procedure when you’ve inherited an automobile from an estate as well as would like to offer it.

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